Highs and Lows of the Month of May




Seeing my parents again for Jenna’s graduation, and all of us just hanging out in one place, like we were on Maui.


Something That Is Kicking Ass Right Now

I put in my previous post some things in life that I felt needed improving, but in general life really is kicking ass!

Work is going very well.  I feel like I’m slowly starting to really understand what Project Review actually does, and therefore more confident when people ask me questions on the phone :P.  Sometimes its overwhelming when my boss Robert talks about all of these different things that happened to the BWS in the past, but whenever he talks about it again, I can recall it a bit faster.  I really love my coworkers as well!  This past Thursday (since we didn’t have work on Friday because of Kamehameha Day), my coworkers and I went to eat at this place called the Social.  It was the first time I played darts, and that was really fun.  Then we went bowling, and of course that was really fun.  On Wednesdays at lunch time, me and some of my coworkers play basketball, and the games get really intense.  And on Thursdays, we try and study for the PE exam that some of us will try to take next year.  A new person named Daniel will start in our section on Thursday, so that should be exciting too!

BJJ is going pretty well too (other than the getting sick part).  Several of my bjj friends are planning to take their belt test soon, and helping them prepare I feel has made me better as well.  I’m thinking of taking the belt test soon as well!  I think that that first BJJ tournament I had was also an eye opener as far as the sport side of BJJ, and I feel that I have been improving in that area as well.  I mean I still get tapped really fast, but now it usually takes a couple seconds longer!  But yeah the people at BJJ are really cool.  I always feel very serene and clear headed after BJJ.

I’m pretty happy with Michelle, although I could play her more.  I feel like I’ve come a long way with my Bb and B chord.  It feels more natural to make that shape now, and those chords are very common in many of the songs that I really like.

And of course, I always enjoy hanging out with Briana, Erica, and Tawnee 🙂

Area In My Life That I Want to Improve

I need to balance my life out more!

What I mean is other than work, I need to think about how much time I dedicate to other things in my life.

In the past 3 months, I got sick three times.  I got sick in March after coming back from Maui, April right after the BJJ tournament, and recently last week when I didn’t go to BJJ (although I didn’t miss work for that one).

I’m thinking that maybe I’ve been going to BJJ to often?  Perhaps going four times a week doesn’t give me enough recharge time on my own, and that’s why I’ve been getting sick.  I’ve been going to the advanced class and don’t get home until 8:45 pm, which leaves me rushing to eat, shower, and wash my gi if I want 8 hours of sleep (AND I DO WANT THAT 8 HOURS OF SLEEP).  I don’t know.  I’m gonna try going three times this week and see how it goes.

Lately I also haven’t been playing guitar that much!  I think I only played Michelle once in the past week, and none the week before that!  Sometimes I think I’ve been “cheating” on Michelle with BJJ.  It’s like Michelle has been that very steady person you’ve been with a long time, but here comes this new BJJ person.  And even though this new BJJ person may actually be kind of bad for you (this past year, I’ve hurt my knee, my ribs, my elbow, and possibly has made me sick more often), BJJ is SO DAMN FUN.

I also have neglected video gaming, or free time I guess.  I know that video games and other free time things aren’t really high priority, but there are a lot of games that I have not even touched, making them kind of a waste (Fire Emblem Awakening, FFX remake, The Last of Us).  I still am on the second chapter of The Hunger Games!  I’m also thinking that maybe I should be more consistent with playing video games with Brendan on Maui.  This past Sunday was the first time we’ve played in almost a month!  It would be awesome to have some kind of game to play together, even if only once a week.

But other than that, life is pretty damn awesome!

Something Inspired by the 11th Image If You Google “Motivation”


I remember Auntie Jill asking me once how I found the motivation to go to BJJ several times a week.  I told her that I didn’t really need any motivation, I do it because I think its fun.  Although, now I suspect that going to BJJ four times a week may be getting me sick, so I am going to try only going three times a week.

Still, I thought her reaction was interesting.  She said something like “Oh!  I need to do something that I think is fun!”.  Although I do kind of understand where she is coming from.  Now that I have a real full time job, I know how easy it is to get caught up in life.  And sometimes, the things you have to do in life just aren’t very fun!  Like cleaning your house, or laundry, or changing the oil in your car, or getting a safety check, or renewing your registration.  I think that since a lot of adult life is spent doing things that aren’t fun, we forget to do things just because they’re fun!

I remember my Dad would ask me why I would do things all the time.  “Why do you keep playing Pokemon?  Why do you watch Spongebob?  Why do you want to go roller skating?  Why do you want to go bon dance?  Why do you want to do bjj?”

Because they’re fun, damnit!

I just think that people need to have more fun in their lives.  Of course I think that being able to get motivated for something that you don’t necessarily want to do but is very difficult is very important.  But other than work and all of the adult things that you HAVE to do, we should always ask ourselves why we do what we do if we don’t think its fun.

A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way

It is the people in your life that make you truly happy.  I could not have learned this lesson any more clearer if not for my time on the Big Island.  It is one thing to feel alone, it is quite another to literally be alone.  Alone in a place where there aren’t many people your age, and not many things to do.  None of my friends and family could truly understand what that was like, but I’m thankful (at least now I am) that I went through it.

I made about $5000 more at my job on the Big Island than my job now.  But that extra money just wasn’t worth it considering the commute, the working hours, and just not having enough time to do ANYTHING.  If I wanted 8 hours of sleep, I literally only had 1 hour of time after work to do things (30 minutes of which were eaten up by showering and eating).  In short, having lots of money, but no time to spend it is not a great deal.

I remember one thing that Ken told me to kind of try and persuade me to keep my job on the Big Island.  He told me that I should try look at the cars of the people that worked in the city, and compared it to those who don’t.  I remember thinking that at that point, what kind of car I drove or what it looked like didn’t bother me.  Why should I worry about what people think of my car?

I’m very thankful for the life that I have now.  I have such great friends, and have met such amazing people at work and bjj.